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2015-2017 : Drone video operator and trainer for pilots with Gyrway

Nov 2016 : First Assistant Director on the short movie “Je suis un oiseau” by Julia Boutteville for the Nikon Festival

2006-2015 : Video producer at

Zarina Khan Theater Company,  shooting/editing videos and web content. (

2000-2006 : Set Decorator and other related jobs in the cinema and television industry, from shorts and commercials to feature films e.g.

  • A Very Long Engagement,

  • Two Brothers,

  • The Judge is a Woman,

  • Josephine, ange gardien

I started my career twenty years ago as a Geophysics Technician on board seismic exploration vessels in the oil and gas industry, mostly in the North Sea.

I then moved into the cinema industry, working for 7 years in a wide range of roles, taking on responsibilities for every position available in the decoration field, from Set Decorator on small TV commercials to Prop Master on feature films.

Although a native French speaker, I have worked for many years in English, and am fluent in the language of technics, computing, and science in both languages, and have recently commenced learning German.

I am eager to work again in the cinema or content industry and would be fully motivated to work in a suitable department.



  • Foodora

  • Aperto

  • Winther bike

  • Gyrway

  • Vioxii

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